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3 Steps To Grow an Android App In Just 7 Days

Apr 22, 2018

So you own an android App and want to grow it big?

The good news is that there are only 3 steps you need to go through to see massive growth in the number of downloads, engagement and eventually revenue of your App.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a User Avatar

It's mind blowing how most of the App owners that I've worked with haven't pinned down who's their App's perfect user...

To serve the users we MUST understand who they are and what their needs are and creating a user avatar is the exact way to do that.

If you are interested in working with me to create a user avatar then you can apply here.

Step 2: Position Your App Correctly

After figuring out who's the perfect user for our App, it's time to build everything and position it around the perfect user.

Positioning of your App starts from the very first things that the user sees and reads when he or she comes in contact with your App including but not limited to:

  • App Icon
  • App Title
  • App Screenshots
  • App Description 
  • Reviews 
  • Home screen of the App
  • Features and the functionality
  • etc.

If you build your App around the perfect user then you will get a flood of downloads and users and your conversion will be through the roof. 

I've done this for my own and my client Apps' and if you want me to do the same for you then you can Apply to Work With Me Here.

Step 3: Measure and Track the Changes 

One of the biggest mistakes that most App owners make is to ignore tracking and measuring the effect of the changes we make.

I've grown Apps from less than 10 downloads per day to 20,000 per day just through measuring and tweaking.

Ignore this and you will be doomed to go round in a circle without any exciting results.

If you want me to help you track and measure your results in the right way and even set it on autopilot then apply here.

As you can see these 3 steps are very powerful, if you do them right your App will grow to 1,000,000s of downloads. But if you ignore any of them then the chances are that you will quit without getting any returns on your investment.


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